Sophical Content

What Is Sophical Content?

Welcome to Sophical Content! My name is Chris, and I created this website as a space to share with you my approach to life in the hope that I can inspire you to move towards your own goals. Whether you’re a freelancer or a small business owner, or just interested in topics like personal finance and productivity, you’ll find lots of useful articles over on the blog.

My goal with Sophical Content is to provide beginners in the world of freelancing and general self-employment with the resources I wish I had when I first got started. I’ll teach you just how easy it is to create something for yourself that actually makes money. I’ll show you how you can build a simple website, create your own valuable content, and work towards your own goals. I’ll cover a lot of the things we often wish we were taught in school, to give you the tools you actually need to succeed.

What Does Sophical Content Mean?

All of the articles on the site are designed to provide you with valuable knowledge about a variety of subjects. This is why I chose the word “Sophical” for the website’s name. It comes from the greek “sophia” meaning knowledge or wisdom. So, hopefully you’ll find some knowledgeable content here on the site!

But aside from just providing nuggets of wisdom, my goal is to ultimately distill the vast amount of information out there about topics like business and freelancing into “what you need to know” articles. With no fluff, I hope to provide you with only the information you need to know to succeed. Whether it’s understanding tax as a freelancer or using basic SEO as a new writer, you can learn the essentials with Sophical Content!

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