Content Editing


Website Content

I can help you get your website to where it needs to be with my content editing services. I can proofread your website content to check for spelling and grammar errors, and get it back to you fast so that your website is always providing an error-free experience for your readers or customers. 


If you have an eBook that you’re ready to bring to the market, you can benefit from an extra pair of eyes before you publish it to ensure there are no grammatical errors or other mistakes that could hinder your book’s performance.

Articles & Blog Posts

I can check all of your blog posts and articles before you submit or publish them, and make sure that you haven’t made any mistakes.


From website content to blog posts and eBooks, I offer proofreading and error correction services
  • Up to 2500 words - £0.01/word
  • 2501-10000 words - £0.007/word
  • 10001-50000 words - £0.005/word

Content editing

General Copy Editing

I can read your website pages, blog posts and other pieces of writing to ensure that there are no grammatical mistakes or syntax errors, and you will have access to a Google Doc or other convenient editing tracker to see where the mistakes were made. I’ll give you some constructive feedback too.

Developmental Editing

Developmental or creative editing is ideal for those with longer pieces of writing, perhaps a play or story, where a second pair of eyes may help refine the structure and ensure that the big picture is portrayed exactly as you intended. These services take a deeper dive than general copy editing.

Other Editing

I also offer other forms of editing, such as line and structural editing, and more specific choices that may suit your project better than others. I’m always eager to provide a personalised approach, so feel free to let me know exactly what you need.

Content Editing

For any kind of content, I can offer various kinds of content editing services
  • General copy editing - £0.01/word
  • Developmental editing - £0.03/word
  • Other editing - price per word to be decided via discussion

Pricing Terms & Conditions


The pricing given in the various tables above is subject to change and variation. The total price of any project will depend on the nature of the project itself, and this will be decided via discussion before any payment is made. Factors that will affect the pricing include things like the project length, subject, content type, research required and difficulty level. All of these factors and others will be taken into account before a quote is given.

Word Count

I will ask you for a maximum word count, or a rough word count. I will only charge you up to the maximum word count, even if I end up writing more. If you give a rough word count, you will be charged at the rate suited to that specific rough word count, even if I end up writing more or less (see section on tolerance limits below). 


There will be room for revisions of content creation and editing, and these will be discussed more via email. You will be entitled to 5 revisions of content up to a word count of 3000 words, and for larger pieces the number of revisions will be settled via email. I am happy to work on projects until you are happy, and so it will be at my discretion to offer more revisions should I see the need. For a revision to be made there needs to be substantial requirement for change to the content. This constitutes a section of 25 or more words to be changed, either as a group or individually. Revisions for single word changes will be settled via email, but repetitive revisions where the same content is being edited back and forth from past content will be rejected. Common sense and common courtesy will be employed when considering revisions, with agreements on what both of these statements mean being made before the project begins.

Tolerance Limits

The agreed upon maximum word count at the beginning of the project will hold until its completion. Any more work required thereafter will require new agreements to be made for further payment. For rough word counts, there is a tolerance of 250 words either side of the word count. For example, if you request around 1500 words, and then upon revisions we arrive at 1800 words, you will be charged for 1800 words. Any additional words being requested above the agreed upon rough word count will be subject to charge at the initial agreed upon rate, unless a new agreement is made.

General Terms

These terms and conditions are not binding, and nor are they fully inclusive. The specific terms of your project will be decided in the contract given before payment, and should you have any questions about these terms you can ask them via email upon completion of the order form. 

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