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Elementor Pro Pricing – How Much Does Elementor Pro Cost?

Elementor is an Israeli-made web designer plugin, built for WordPress to make building websites as easy as possible. The plugin provides you with easy-to-use design templates to beautify your website using drag-and-drop widgets. Elementor Pro is the premium version of Elementor, with a range of feature-filled plans to choose from.

Elementor Pro offers 5 different pricing plans:

  1. Essential – $49/year
  2. Advanced – $89/year
  3. Expert – $159/year
  4. Studio – $349/year
  5. Agency – $499/year

Below, we’ll run through the Elementor Pro pricing options, and you can decide which suits you best!


Is Elementor Free?

Elementor is free, but Elementor Pro is not. Elementor is the basic, open-source WordPress plugin for designing your website. However, Elementor Pro is a tier above Elementor, flaunting premium features such as 300+ Pro templates and blocks, CTA Widgets, custom 404 Pages, and much more!

In this article, we’ll compare the different Elementor Pro pricing plans. Before we dive into Elementor Pro’s different features, here’s a brief overview of the different pricing plans.







Number of Websites






Annual Cost






Something to note is that Elementor Pro does not replace the free version of Elementor. It’s simply an add-on, so you still need to have the free Elementor plugin installed to use Elementor Pro when designing your website.

Without further ado, let’s start with the Essential and Advanced Elementor Pro pricing plans.

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Elementor Pro – Essential and Advanced packages

Elementor Pro’s Essential and Advanced packages are the first two tiers of the Elementor Pro pricing system. On top of a drag-and-drop live editor (also included in the free version of Elementor), these plans have a responsive design and include a theme builder, making editing on Elementor quick and seamless.

The packages also come with 90+ Basic and Pro widgets, as well as 300+ Basic and Pro templates, giving you a wide selection of layouts to choose from.

Furthermore, Elementor Pro’s Essential and Advanced packages give you premium support tickets. This support ticket allows you to gain access to Elementor Pro’s 24/7 premium support. So, you can hit them up if you have any issues using the plugin.

Of course, this is not all of their features. These plans still come with extra design customisation options, marketing widgets, theme builder elements and dynamic content. They also feature e-commerce plugins and contact form options, and cross-platform integrations.

Elementor Pro – Essential vs Advanced

The main difference between Elementor Pro’s Essential and Advanced plans is the number of websites they can be used on. Elementor Pro Essential only allows you to use its pro widgets on one site. However, Elementor Pro Advanced lets you use its Pro plugin on three websites.

Elementor Pro’s Essential plan costs $49/year (around £34.65/year) while Elementor Pro Advanced costs $89/year (around £62.94/year). For only $40 more, you can optimise 2 more websites with Elementor Pro. This is a sensible choice if you have scope for making more than one website in the future.

Who Should Buy These Plans?

Elementor Pro’s Essential and Advanced plans certainly have more features than the free option. Although they may lack some of the features of the plans we’ll discuss in the next section, these two Elementor pricing plans will suit people looking for a degree of personalisation in their website.

If you want to make your website stand out from others, and you’re on a budget, going for the Essential and Advanced plans is definitely worth it. Of course, if you have more than one website, go for the Advanced plan. Don’t make only one of your websites a tier above the rest!


Elementor Pro – Expert

Next on the list is the Elementor Pro Expert plan. For $159/year (around £112.44/year), this Expert option includes all of the features of the Elementor Pro Essential and Advanced plans. On top of that, Elementor Pro Expert allows you to use it on up to 25 websites. You also get an Elementor Expert profile.

This Elementor Expert profile feature launched on the 9th of May 2021, and it’s sort of a “members-only” club. Creating an Elementor Expert profile opens your profile on the Elementor Experts Network.

What Is the Elementor Experts Network?

The Elementor Experts Network is a community-cum-marketplace where Elementor members can display their talents in web design, development and marketing among other skills. If you’re an experienced Elementor user, you can promote your services to potential clients on the network.

You need to create a portfolio before you can go public on the network. So, you must have some work to show off your expertise before you can offer your services. You can compare the Elementor Experts Network to Fiverr. Like on Fiverr, you can sell your services to prospective clients, and expand your area of expertise by landing jobs.

Quality Work for Quality Rates

However, you can expect a much higher rate if you’re listing your service on the Elementor Experts Network versus using Fiverr. Everyone in the network paid for Elementor Pro to join. So, they’re clearly willing to pay decent money for decent work. However, your skills in your area of expertise should also be up to par, and you should never scam clients for low-quality work!

Another cool feature of the Elementor Expert profile is that you can have a “skill percentage” around your profile picture. All Elementor Expert profile pictures have a ring around their image. Users can click on the ring to find out their areas of expertise using the percentages shown. For example, yours may show you are 88% web designer and 12% marketer.

If you need some professional help yourself, you can turn to the Elementor Experts Network and find expert help. With users who can relate to your Elementor experience, the process of finding the right person for the job is much easier than sourcing the open market. Plus, you’re likely to get better-quality work too.

Who Should Buy This Plan?

The Elementor Pro Expert plan is clearly a notch above the Elementor Pro Essential and Advanced plans. If you’re looking to engage in an exclusive Elementor Experts community, whether it’s to find work or to hire talents, this is a good option to choose.


Elementor Pro – Studio and Agency

The final two tiers of Elementor Pro are the Studio and Agency plans. These plans include all the features Elementor Pro Expert contains, but they allow you to integrate it into more websites. Elementor Pro Studio allows for 100 websites, while Elementor Pro Agency allows for up to 1000 websites!

Other than that, these two plans also come with VIP Support. For $349/year(around £246.79/year) and $499/year (roughly £352.87/year) respectively, users of Elementor Pro Studio and Agency plans are surely considered VIPs!

VIP Support

VIP Support in the Elementor Pro Studio and Agency plans is a level above the Premium Support offered by Elementor Pro’s lower three tiers. Instead of email support within 1 business day, VIP Support gives both email and 24/7 live chat support.

This means that if you experience any problems, you can dial into Elementor VIP Support. Here, you’ll get live tips on how to solve your issues with Elementor. Furthermore, if you choose to email Elementor Pro VIP Support instead, they usually reply in less than 30 minutes! Compare this to the support offered by the Elementor Pro Expert plan, which takes around one business day to respond.

VIP Support doesn’t just apply for one user. Up to 5 team members can use it on the Elementor Pro Studio plan, and up to 10 team members with the Elementor Pro Agency plan! This means you can register your team members or colleagues as members of the team in your Elementor Pro account. They will then get access to the VIP Support as well. That is essentially like getting 5-10 Elementor Pro Studio and Agency accounts with just one subscription!

Elementor Studio vs Elementor Agency

Much like with the Essential and Advanced Elementor Pro pricing plans, the big difference between the Studio and Agency plans is the number of websites each offers. You can integrate Elementor Pro into 100 sites on the Studio plan, and up to 1000 on the Agency plan. Apart from that, there’s no difference between the two except the price.

Who Should Buy These Plans?

As the names suggest, the Elementor Pro Studio and Agency plans are best for website studios and agencies. Any business that wants to get the best features of Elementor Pro and have truly top-notch website design capabilities should choose one of these plans.

With up to 100 or 1000 websites, access to the Elementor Experts Network, and VIP Support, these two plans have everything an organisation needs to get their top-quality website up and running.

Of course, if you are an individual and only want the best for your website design, you can choose these top-tier plans too. However, we recommend considering one of the cheaper options, as these plans are really tailored to digital marketing businesses or individuals that plan to build a lot of websites either for themselves or for their clients.

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Is Elementor Pro Worth Getting?

The Essential and Advanced Elementor Pro pricing plans are ideal if you want a website design option that shows more of your personality at a low price point.

The Expert plan is great if you want access to a community of experts. It’s also perfect if you want to become more involved in the Elementor design community.

Finally, the Studio and Agency plans suit businesses best. These are for those who want the top-tier features that Elementor Pro has to offer, allowing for the expansion of high-quality design throughout many websites.

We also have a full review of Elementor. You’ll also find more articles about creating websites over on the Sophical Blog.

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