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Fiverr Revisions Explained for Beginners

Revisions are a key feature of the gig completion process of Fiverr. In line with Fiverr’s buyer-centric approach, they help ensure buyers are completely satisfied with a seller’s work. But navigating revisions as a seller can be a tricky and delicate process.

A revision is when a buyer rejects a seller’s work and requests they fix or amend it before completing a gig. While revisions don’t negatively impact your rating as a seller, it’s important to handle them carefully. That’s why it’s a good idea to have a clear revisions policy.

In this article, we discuss everything you need to know about revisions on Fiverr. How they work, how many you can offer, and the best way to deal with them as a seller.

First, let’s look at what a revision is.

What Are Revisions on Fiverr?

Revisions allow a buyer to reject the work a seller has delivered and request they make changes to it. Sellers don’t have to offer revisions and if they do, they can decide the limits around them.

If you’ve delivered work to a buyer, they might request you make some small changes to it. These could include fixing typos, revising a paragraph, or adding a photo.

When this happens, the gig will appear as rejected on your gig homepage. This doesn’t mean the buyer won’t accept the work. It simply means they’ve requested revisions before they mark the gig as complete.

As a seller, it’s entirely up to you whether you offer revisions or not. The important thing is to make this clear in your gig description.

Here are some things to keep in mind when deciding whether or not to offer revisions:

  • If you do offer revisions, they’re usually included in your gig fee. For example, a seller’s gig might offer up to 3 rounds of revisions.
  • As a seller, you can also set the parameters of what a revision includes. For example, fixing typos, changing photos, and adding more links to the existing text might be revisions.
  • Revising an entire piece of work, changing the scope of the gig, and other extensive changes might be more accurately described as modifications. You can require buyers to purchase an add-on for these.
  • Buyers can only request revisions while the gig is still in progress. They’re unable to do so once a gig is marked as complete.

As a seller, you may be wondering what happens to your rating when a buyer rejects a gig and requests revisions.

Are Revisions Bad on Fiverr?

Revisions are not themselves bad. A request for revisions won’t affect your ratings or level as a seller. However, if you mismanage the revisions process, the buyer may cancel the order or leave you negative feedback.

Revisions are not necessarily a bad thing. For many freelancers, client feedback is a standard part of their process. This includes minor revisions to ensure the client is happy with the work.

But revisions can become a problem where the buyer changes their mind about what they want or asks for extensive changes. When it comes to revisions, the best-case scenario is the buyer asks for a minor correction or change to the work. Worst case, the buyer completely changes their mind or the brief.

When the revisions process goes pear-shaped on Fiverr or you refuse to make the revisions, then the buyer may cancel the order. They may also leave a negative review, affecting your rating and seller level.


How Much Time Do You Get for Fiverr Revisions?

Buyers have three days from delivery to request revisions from a seller. Fiverr doesn’t set a time limit for sellers to complete revisions. However, it’s best to respond to them as quickly as possible, so the buyer doesn’t cancel the order or leave a negative review.

If a buyer doesn’t request revisions within 3 days of delivery, the gig will automatically be marked as complete. A buyer can’t request any revisions once this happens.

There’s no time limit for sellers to respond to revision requests, as long as they deliver the work by the deadline. This is useful in situations where the buyer asks for revisions but can’t provide immediate instructions. For example, where they want time to consider the revisions or they’re on leave.

These scenarios aside, you should aim to respond to a buyer’s request for revisions as soon as possible. If you don’t the buyer may cancel the order and leave a negative review.

If, for any reason, you need time to do the revisions, communicate this with the buyer. Let them know you’ve received their revision request and will action it within a certain timeframe. This gives the buyer a chance to raise any concerns about the proposed new deadline.

As with many things on Fiverr, when it comes to revisions clear communication between the buyer and seller is essential.


How to Deal With Revisions on Fiverr

As a seller, the best way to deal with revisions on Fiverr is to have a revisions policy. You should also clearly explain this revisions policy in your gig description and make it a gig requirement for buyers to accept this policy.

Revisions can become a stressful process to manage. Here are our strategies for the best way to deal with revisions requests as a Fiverr seller.

Have a Revisions Policy

The best way to manage revisions is to manage buyers’ expectations around them from the start. You can do this by developing a revisions policy, which you display in each gig description.

A revisions policy sets out:

  • What types of revisions requests you’ll action, for example, typos, corrections, minor changes less than 20 words
  • What types of requests fall outside of your revisions policy and require gig extra
  • The number of revisions you offer per gig

When creating a gig, you can also add your revisions policy to your gig’s requirements. This means a buyer must tick the checkbox to accept your revisions policy before purchasing a gig.

Regardless of your revisions policy, the Fiverr platform always allows buyers to request revisions. But the above approach may help in refusing and managing any potential revision requests.

Remind Buyers of Your Revisions Policy

You can also continue to remind buyers of your revisions policy in your communications with them.

For example, if a buyer rejects an order and requests revisions, you can respond that you’re happy to do so, “given the gig includes up to 3 revisions”.

Ensure You Have the Information You Need Before Starting

Another way to manage buyers’ revision requests is to get full information from the buyer at the start. Make sure you get clear instructions about what exactly they want. For example, if your gig is to write a 500-word blog post, you’ll want to know the topic, keywords, tone, and links that the buyer requires.

Many freelancers request this information in the form of a brief. By starting this way, you have a greater chance of producing work the buyer is happy with, no revisions required.


How Many Fiverr Revisions Should You Offer?

Sellers aren’t obligated to offer revisions. So, if you decide to do so, you can choose how many to offer. Some freelancers limit the number of revisions to 2 or 3. Others offer unlimited revisions.

The number of revisions you offer might depend on the nature of the work you’re producing, the gig fee, and what your competitors are offering. As the seller, you can decide.

Just remember – you need to honour the number of revisions you promise a buyer or put in a gig description.


Using Unlimited Revisions on Fiverr

It’s up to you whether or not to offer unlimited revisions on your gigs.

On the one hand, unlimited revisions ensure complete buyer satisfaction. This hopefully results in a positive review once you complete the gig, protecting your rating and seller level. Some sellers also believe unlimited revisions are a deciding factor for some buyers.

On the other, it gives the buyer full control over how many times they come back to request changes. This can quickly become time-consuming and frustrating, especially if the buyer requests them in a piecemeal way.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure you clearly explain the number in your revisions policy.


Develop a Clear Revisions Policy

Revision requests allow buyers to ask you to make changes to the work you’ve delivered. As a seller, you can decide whether you offer revisions and, if you do, how many.

The best way to manage buyers’ expectations around revisions is to develop and clearly communicate a revisions policy. This protects the relationship with your buyers, as well as your rating and seller level.

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