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G Suite Pricing – The Ultimate Guide

G Suite is Google’s complete toolkit, with a collection of software, tools, and productivity apps. In October 2020, G Suite was renamed Google Workspace, to create a more unified interface for a better user experience. In this article, we’ll discuss the different G Suite pricing options, and the different features each plan has to offer.

The available G Suite/Google Workspace pricing plans are:

  • Business Starter – £4.14/$6 per month
  • Business Standard – £8.28/$12 per month
  • Business Plus – £13.80/$18 per month
  • Enterprise – Contact for pricing

Below, we go into more detail about each of these G Suite/Google Workspace pricing plans to help you pick the right one for your business.

Does G Suite Cost Money?

G Suite does cost money, and there are several pricing plans to choose from. The cheapest plan costs around £4.14 or $6 per month, but depending on the size of your team you may need a more expensive option.

But why should you pay for G Suite, when you can create a free Google account instead?

The reason is simple: G Suite is for business, and the free Google account is for individuals. G Suite provides more bandwidth, a central management system, and a team-centric interface, so logically it suits organisations that manage employees. But you might also want to use G Suite if you’re a sole trader or small business owner. One of the key benefits of a G Suite account is the ability to create a business email for yourself.

Now that you’ve established your need for G Suite, let’s look at some of the key features of the different G Suite pricing plans.


G Suite Pricing Table

Business Starter

Business Standard Business Plus








Contact for pricing

Custom business email

Custom business email Custom business email + eDiscovery

Custom business email + eDiscovery + S/MIME encryption

Video meetings – 100 participants

Video meetings – 150 participants + record function Video meetings – 250 participants + recording & attendance track functions

Video meetings – 250 participants + recording, attendance track & live stream functions

30 GB cloud storage

2 TB cloud storage 5 TB cloud storage

Unlimited cloud storage

Standard support + security

Standard support + security Standard support + advanced security

Enhanced support + advanced security

Without further ado, let’s break down these G Suite pricing plans, so you can pick the right one for your business.

Check G Suite Pricing

Business Starter Plan

The Business Starter plan is the cheapest G Suite pricing plan, but it still comes with some very useful features.

This plan comes with a custom business email to make your email look more professional, video meetings with up to 100 participants for 24 hours straight, and administrative control to manage user accounts. This plan also provides 30 GB of cloud storage, twice that of a free Google account plan. The plan also comes with an Advanced Protection Programme, along with group-based policy controls to ensure your account stays secure.

There are also some extra tools like the shared calendar, as well as private team chats for collaboration. Next, we’ll explain more about some of these features which set the Business Starter plan apart from a normal Google account.

Custom Business Email

Instead of having the normal Gmail (, your email address can be attached to your domain name ( This is extremely useful for small businesses looking to appear more professional.

Your employees won’t communicate using their personal email, but using a business email instead. With this, your employees will appear to be speaking for your company, instead of for themselves. Having this custom email makes any business look more professional and credible.

Administrative Control

With Administrative Control, a centralised team manages all the Gmail accounts under your business. You can modify and customise the features in all the Gmail accounts, and track the records of every member of your team. If one of your employees leaves the business, you can always terminate their access to the confidential information sent through Gmail. Administrative Control really helps streamline management processes, and allows you to keep track of things.

In a nutshell, the Business Starter plan is a good choice for small businesses and sole traders looking to appear more professional and leverage some extra management control.


Business Standard Plan

The Business Standard plan is the most popular G Suite pricing plan. This plan comes with everything the Business Starter plan has, along with video meetings of up to 150 participants plus recording and saving of the meeting to Google Drive. The Meet function in this plan is fairly comprehensive, with extra features like polling, breakout rooms, and much more. This makes it ideal for teams that need a lot of streamlined communication.

The Business Standard plan also comes with 2 TB of cloud storage, with shared drives and target audience sharing for the team. It’s a good balance between professional-level optimisation and an affordable price. Let’s take a closer look at some of this plan’s features.

Extra Features

Almost everything in this plan is an upgrade over the Starter plan. For example, you get more customisations in Google Meet, such as a useful hand raising feature and noise cancellation. This plan also offers enhanced chat messaging, and extras like branding on your documents and templates.

The biggest leap over the first plan is the 2 TB of pooled storage, which is 2000 GB against the Business Starter plan’s 30 GB! In case you’re wondering what you can use all this storage for, more storage equates to more Gmail messages, Google photos, and larger files in your Drive. If your team transfers a lot of stuff, this is the plan for you!

Shared Google Drive

Instead of having Google Drives for each employee, all saved work goes to a team drive. This is a shared pool of resources, where each member’s contributions will go to the central pool of information. If contributing members leave the organisation, their saved files stay in the drive, available for future use.

All in all, the Business Standard plan suits businesses that need a balance between extra customisation of Google Workspace, and affordable pricing.

Business Plus Plan

The Business Plus plan is the final mainstream tier in the G Suite pricing line up.

On top of all the features the Business Standard plan provides, the Business Plus plan allows up to 250 participants to join a video meeting, as well as a larger 5 TB of cloud storage per user. You also get attendance tracking on Google Meet, which is useful for seeing the participation levels of your employees in various meetings. This is especially useful for large teams. Other than that, this plan has one more feature to consider – Advanced Security.

Advanced Endpoint Management

Advanced Endpoint Management simply translates to more control over your company’s data. There is a “Vault” feature (the eDiscovery tool), which allows you to store search data, and keep an archive of your records. This also comes with secure LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol). This is used for stronger password validation and more secure cross-platform authentication. This is great for businesses that handle a lot of sensitive data.

This Advanced Endpoint Management allows you to protect your workspace (through measures such as requiring stronger passwords), ensuring better protection of your data. In conclusion, the Business Plus plan is for organisations looking for better management and security of their workspace, keeping their data confidential.


Enterprise Plan

The most premium tier in the G Suite pricing selection is the Enterprise plan. To get this plan you have to contact Google’s sales team to get a quote.

This plan contains a whole new set of tools, on top of everything the Business Plus plan has to offer. It provides in-domain live streaming for Google Meet, unlimited cloud storage, and also additional software called AppSheet – for app building without coding expertise. But what other features does the Enterprise plan have to offer?

S/MIME Encryption

S/MIME encryption is an email encryption tool, making sure the emails you and your employees send are all digitally signed. It works using a set of keys: one the sender uses for encryption (the public key), and one for the recipient to decrypt with (a private key).

This makes hacking the message virtually impossible, as the hacker needs to obtain the private key as well as the public key. So, S/MIME encryption is ideal for larger businesses that have a focus on security.

Third Party Data

The Enterprise plan also comes with the Cloud Search Smart Search feature, which the previous two tiers also have. However, they only use first party data. This plan uses third party data as well.

Third party data is information collected by an organisation which has no relation to the user in question, and can be compiled and collected using Cloud Search. This makes sourcing information on Cloud Search more extensive, working like a directory service for your company.

So, the Enterprise plan is for businesses that want to have the full experience of a premium workspace productivity service.


Which G Suite Pricing Plan Is Right for You?

G Suite’s different pricing plans clearly suit different businesses. For sole traders, small businesses, or larger ones just getting off the ground, the Business Starter and the Business Standard plans are good options. For a business with security in mind, the Business Plus plan is ideal. Of course, for those who want the best G Suite has to offer, the Enterprise plan is the way to go.

However, it’s worth noting some changes that are coming to the G Suite pricing plans in the near future. These changes might be very significant for those struggling to choose which plan to go for!

Check G Suite Pricing

Planned Changes to G Suite Pricing

As of June 2021, Google made G Suite (Google Workspace) free for everyone! However, only certain features are free, such as smart suggestions in emails and easier collaboration in shared documents.

The G Suite pricing plans discussed above are still there, and they don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. They still offer the more premium features of Google Workspace’s offerings, but some of the more basic features are now more accessible to those with a standard Google account. To access these features, you simply need to enable Google Chat in your Gmail account. Doing this opens your account up to these free features.

The move from premium to free is still in its early stages. But it’s clear that Google is focusing on a more team-based, integrated Workspace for people to achieve more together. Google Workspace will also release a new premium plan, called Google Workspace Individual. Let’s take a closer look at what this plan has to offer.

Google Workspace Individual

Google Workspace Individual is ideal for small business owners and sole traders, including features like smart booking services, professional video meetings, personalised email marketing, and more.

This plan’s purpose is to allow busy business owners to focus more on their businesses, rather than appointment scheduling and other administrative tasks. In a way, Google Workspace Individual is a personal assistant tool, budgeted for small business owners.

The plan will cost $9.99 (£7.14) and will be released to 6 countries “soon”. These countries are Australia, Brazil, Canada, Japan, Mexico and the USA. At the time of writing, there is no indication of when this will happen, nor when the plan will be made available worldwide.

G Suite Pricing Discount

So, if you’re a small business owner, your best bet is to see if the free features are enough for you at the moment.

If not, check out the Business Starter plan, and get 10% off your first year by clicking this link and using the code 3AY9RHWXCWAFGWF.

If you want to go for the Business Standard plan, use this code instead: 977GTPALRM47KAJ.

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