Getting Started On Fiverr – The Ultimate Guide

Fiverr is a freelancing platform that has gained incredible popularity over the years. It hosts millions of buyers and sellers in over 500 categories, so you may be wondering how you can get started on Fiverr.

To get started on Fiverr, you need to first create an account. From there, it’s a case of setting up your profile and putting together up to 7 gigs for services you think people will want to buy. Then, you need to be patient and proactive in order to try and secure your first Fiverr clients.

Below, we go through the steps to get started on Fiverr regardless of whether you have any prior experience. We’ll also discuss how you can get set up on the platform, and how you should go about getting your very first clients.

Who Is Fiverr For?

Fiverr is for any freelancer that has services to sell at any price. There are more than 500 gig categories, meaning that if you’re selling some kind of service, there’s probably a place for it on Fiverr. It’s also great for buyers looking to outsource various kinds of tasks.

Fiverr home page showing some of the available services on the platform.
If you can imagine a service, you can probably find it on Fiverr!

You don’t need to have any prior experience as either a seller or a buyer of services, and so Fiverr is for everyone from absolute beginners up to veteran and professional freelancers. It’s easy to join and use the platform, so it’s ideal for those looking to make a bit of extra money, or those that are looking to go full-time on Fiverr.

Can You Join Fiverr With No Experience?

You can join Fiverr with no experience, as this is how many freelancers get their start. Obviously, any experience will usually be better, but you can use Fiverr as a platform to gain experience to boost your overall freelancing career and make some decent money in the process.

Joining Fiverr with limited or zero freelancing experience is very common. However, what you probably will need some experience in is the service that you’re offering to clients! You don’t necessarily need freelancing or professional experience (unless you’re applying for Fiverr Pro), but you’ll need to be skilled enough to provide clients with quality work in whatever industry you’re operating.

The Experience You Do Need

If you’re offering freelance writing services for example, you’ll need some writing experience. But this could be from writing in school or university, or from your own personal writing or blog posts. If you’re offering a graphic design gig, you’ll probably need some experience with whatever program you’re using to create the designs. But it’s unlikely that you’ll want to offer a service you don’t have any experience with, so let’s focus on the freelancing experience now.

If you’ve never freelanced before, Fiverr is a great place to start. There are no fees to pay (aside from the 20% cut Fiverr takes), and there are no entry requirements other than a verification of your identity for security purposes. You can also advertise a range of services with up to 7 gigs as a new seller.

This means you have some room to offer a variety of services if you’re unsure which specific one you’d like to make money from. We don’t always know which gigs are going to be a hit when we first start selling on the platform, and you might need to experiment a little to start gaining traction. This is where you have an advantage as a beginner, as you can simply try a lot of things and see what works!

What Should You Sell On Fiverr?

To choose what to sell on Fiverr, consider the following:

  • What previous freelancing experience you have
  • Any educational background you have
  • Your own interests
  • How much time you have to devote to Fiverr

What you should sell on Fiverr depends on your own skill set and previous experience, but you can sell services in over 500 categories. While you don’t need any experience as a freelancer to sell on Fiverr, you will need experience in the industry in which you choose to offer your services.

Your Freelancing Background

Obviously if you have any experience freelancing elsewhere you may consider these services as the first things to sell on Fiverr. You definitely don’t need experience to start selling on the platform, but if you do have some experience selling services through another platform or independently, it makes sense to start there when considering what to offer clients.

You may also be able to leverage this experience by showing off some of your past work in your Fiverr gigs. If you’re a creative freelancer for example, you might have logo designs from past clients that you can include in your gig images, or you might be able to point people to places your writing has been featured.

But if you don’t have any experience freelancing, then look to other areas to decide what to sell on Fiverr, such as your educational background.

Your Educational Background

This can be a specific high-level qualification like a degree, or it could be something you dabbled in as an extra credit course at high school. While you obviously can benefit from being able to tell clients about your qualifications to back up why they should choose you for the job, looking at your educational background can also just help you figure out what you could sell.

Maybe you took an art class at college that ignited a passion for design that you haven’t thought about in years, and perhaps you could design logos or website graphics for businesses. Or maybe you enjoyed creative writing at school and fancy helping someone in need of a ghost writer for their upcoming novel.

It doesn’t have to be an official qualification you’re looking for here. Simply consider what you were good at and what you enjoyed during your time in education, and you might find the perfect role for you in a freelancing capacity.

Your Own Interests

Don’t be afraid to think about what you enjoy doing. I enjoyed writing, so I started offering writing services on Fiverr. I wrote everything from short website copy to long-form pieces. I only thought about doing it because I enjoyed writing at school and university.

But maybe you’re interested in a specific niche or industry. You could offer voiceover services for video creation in that niche. Or maybe you could provide marketing assistance to businesses in the gaming sector. The possibilities are endless on Fiverr, and there’s a freelancing position for just about every interest you could imagine!

How Much Time You Have

The final thing to consider is how much time you’ll have to devote to your freelancing activities on Fiverr. If you’re only going to have an hour per week to devote to it, you probably won’t be able to offer high-level services that might involve week-long projects (such as building a complex website for a business).

And if you have 25 hours a week to put towards Fiverr you might not want to do lots of 5 minute jobs, such as suggesting domain names for peoples’ websites – yep that’s a service you could offer on Fiverr!

Fiverr search results page for website domain name suggestion
Could you be on these search results pages?

The more time you have to put aside for Fiverr, the more flexibility you have in what you can sell. But once you decide to create your account, you need to actually set it up!

How To Set Up A Fiverr Account In 8 Steps

The 8 steps to make a Fiverr account are:

  1. Go to
  2. Click the Join button
  3. Choose your preferred way to join
  4. Click become a seller (twice)
  5. Click continue (three times)
  6. Add some personal and professional information
  7. Link any relevant accounts
  8. Fill in your account security information

It’s easy to set up a Fiverr account, whether you’re a buyer or a seller, or even a Fiverr Business client. Once you do this, there are a few more things you need to do before you can really start making some money on the platform.

How To Get Started On Fiverr

Set Up Your Profile

The first thing to do when you first join Fiverr is to set up your profile. This is going to be there for the world to see, so you want to ensure it makes you look good! Fill out everything you can, telling potential buyers about your skills, experience, and qualifications if necessary. Also include a picture of yourself as your Fiverr profile image so that people can put a face to the person offering them services.

While your profile isn’t the first thing most buyers will see (it’ll be your gigs, which we’ll talk about in a moment), it’s where many will go to decide if you’re the right candidate for the job. So, make it as easy as possible for them to say yes by creating a comprehensive, well-structured profile.

Use All Your Gigs

The next thing to do is to use up all your available gigs. When you first start out on Fiverr, you’ll be known as a New Seller until you move up through the seller levels system. You’ll therefore have up to 7 gigs to offer to clients, and you should make use of them all. Not only will this give you more chances of appearing in the search results, but as a Fiverr beginner it’s an invaluable way to learn what does and doesn’t work.

You can offer gigs in a range of potential services, and this will show you what people are looking for – and what they’re not – far faster than if you just use one or two of the gigs you have available. Just be sure to make them all unique, as if they’re not, you may be going against Fiverr’s terms of service.

How To Get Your First Fiverr Clients

Patience Is Key

To get your first Fiverr clients, you will need to be patient and make use of all your 7 available gigs. Getting your first clients on Fiverr takes time. You just have to structure your gigs as well as you can and wait for some buyers to notice you in the search results.

Use Your Existing Network

If you have a social media presence or a website of your own, you can also promote your Fiverr gigs through these platforms. You can also share your gig pages with people in your network and see if they’ll help you get the word out about your services.

Be Prepared To Experiment

However, you don’t need to do any of this if you’d prefer to just be patient and continue tweaking your gigs from time to time if they don’t get any traction. Sometimes just experimenting with gig titles and descriptions is all it takes for you to start moving up the search rankings and getting some orders!

Final Thoughts

Getting started on Fiverr can seem like a daunting experience. However, it’s simply a case of setting up your account and putting a few gigs together. From there, it’s a waiting game until you get your first clients, and then it’s all about doing your best to build on your success.