Goals & Values

Focus on Quality

I’ve always valued good writing. I value the effort required to come up with ideas for a piece, to research and write the content for it, and then to check it over several times before you post it somewhere. The entire process is like any other craft, as it requires care and attention, along with a bit of passion for quality as well.

I feel that a lot of content out there just now does not reflect this importance of quality. The idea of putting out as much content as you can as fast as you can is how people think they can get to the top of the pyramid. Unfortunately this does sometimes work, and it’s the reader who loses out. Content mills and people who simply provide quality over quantity are often the ones that rank well in the search results, making it harder to find the content that actually answers your question or gives you what you’re looking for, 

Work with 25 spelling and grammar errors performing ahead of content that clearly took time and effort to produce just does not sit right with me. It shows that the writer doesn’t care enough to check their work before they post it, and it means they don’t care about the fact that the reader has to read it like that. It’s not a fun experience to read an article while having to stop every sentence to work out what the author meant.

Good Writing

I value this required level of effort, but also the ability to know what good writing is. This doesn’t mean you need to be the next Stephen King to write a compelling story, or be able to write a top-ranking article right away. Knowing what people want to read is knowing what good writing is. I hope you want to read the posts I put on here, but I know not everything I write will suit my entire audience. 

The important fact is that I am writing it for my audience. I am not writing it for Google. This means it needs to be of high enough quality that I myself would want to read every post. While I’ll write content I hope will do well in the search results, I know that for it to stay there it needs to be well-written, providing useful information to anyone that reads it. That’s why you won’t find blatant keyword stuffing on Sophical Content, or in any of the work I do off the website.

Consistency and Efficiency

Alongside quality, I also value consistency. I aim to provide consistently high-quality articles for you to read of course, but I also aim to be consistent with the services that I offer too. With both content creation and content editing, I aim to provide clients with the quality they deserve, but also the consistency of that quality. 

I value my own time, and understand that it’s our most precious resource. That’s why I am fast to reply to emails, quick to draw up briefs and timely with the execution of tasks. I do all of this without sacrificing quality of course, but I understand that time is still always of the essence. I don’t take a week to complete a project just because I think it needs time to perfect if I know I could actually finish it in 3 days if I up the effort while maintaining the quality of the piece. 

Never Stop Learning

I believe to be constantly learning is the best state in which you can find yourself. If you’re always learning you’re always presenting yourself with opportunities to improve as a person. Whether it’s a new skill or simply new knowledge about a specific topic or subject, learning is what allows us to grow as individuals and as a species.

My goal with Sophical Content is to provide you with content from which you can learn something. Be it learning how to design a website or how to take your first steps as a freelancer, I just want you to learn something. I’m always learning, and this means I’m always growing. I’m often learning things that show me I was wrong about something, and this is often the most valuable kind of learning as it really gives you the chance to grow.

However, learning can also present you with even more salient opportunities, be it in your career, your relationships, or simply in your everyday life. Learning a new skill could open doors in an industry you never thought about joining, or it could lead to meeting new people and forming new networks and relationships. Or you might learn a new way of doing something around the house that makes your days 10% better than they were before. Regardless of what you learn, you can make it useful.

To be always learning is to be always growing, so never stop learning!

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