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Hostinger Pricing – The Ultimate Guide

Hostinger is a web hosting provider based in Lithuania, with server locations all over the world. Hostinger offers various pricing plans for websites of all shapes and sizes.

Hostinger offers 3 main web hosting pricing plans:

  1. Single Web Hosting – $2.99/month
  2. Premium Web Hosting – $5.99/month
  3. Business Web Hosting – $8.99/month

Below, we’ll go through all of the different Hostinger pricing options available. This will hopefully help you make the right decision for your next project!


Is Hostinger Free?

Hostinger is not free. However, Hostinger owns a child company called 000webhost, which provides free web hosting services for those looking for free Hostinger plans. However, it’s not as advanced as Hostinger’s main web hosting options. 

Hostinger has some pretty attractive pricing plans, and they’re outlined in the table below. Note that the features listed in this table are not everything these Hostinger pricing plans have to offer, as we’ve only included the main differences. Note that these are also the prices for the shared web hosting plans.

You’ll find more information about cloud hosting, shared hosting and even Minecraft hosting on Hostinger’s website. Shared web hosting is ideal for those with one or more websites that don’t see too much traffic or require a lot of resources to stay online. Cloud hosting is for those with a lot of traffic flowing to their sites. These are just a few of the various types of website hosting out there.

How Much Does Hostinger Cost Per Month?

Hostinger’s cheapest hosting plan costs £0.99/$1.39 per month. This increases to £2.99/$2.99 per month after your first year. Hostinger has other plans for cloud hosting, VPS hosting and even WordPress hosting.


Hostinger Pricing Table

Single Web Hosting

Premium Web Hosting Business Web Hosting


Renews at $2.99/mo


Renews at £2.99/mo


Renews at $5.99/mo


Renews at £5.49/mo


Renews at $8.99/mo


Renews at £8.99/mo

1 website

100 websites 100 websites
30 GB SSD Storage 100 GB SSD Storage

200 GB SSD Storage

GIT Access GIT Access

GIT Access

Cloudflare Protected Nameservers

Cloudflare Protected Nameservers

Cloudflare Protected Nameservers

Free SSL

Free SSL Free SSL

100 GB Bandwidth

Unlimited Bandwidth

Unlimited Bandwidth

Managed WordPress Managed WordPress

Managed WordPress

WordPress Acceleration

WordPress Acceleration WordPress Acceleration
  Free Domain

Free Domain


Google Ads Credit

Google Ads Credit


SSH Access

SSH Access


Free CDN

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Now that you know the key differences between Hostinger’s pricing plans, let’s take a look at each one in more detail.


Hostinger Pricing – Single Web Hosting

This is the most basic of the three Hostinger shared web hosting plans. It’s more suited to people new to building websites. So, while it has the important key features, it lacks some of the more advanced features of the other two plans.

This plan gives you hosting for one website with 100 GB of bandwidth, so this plan can accommodate around 10,000 visitors to your website per month. Other features include 30 GB of SSD storage, one email account and two databases to store information from your website.

Hostinger also provides 24/7/365 support, weekly backups, and a 30-day money back guarantee. Their Cloudflare Protected Nameservers, 99.9% uptime guarantee and allocated FTP account ensure your website stays safe and secure. The provided DNS Management, access manager, and two Cronjobs (useful for automating tasks) allow you to really take control of your website.

That’s a whole lot of features! But some of the other features need a bit of further explanation, so you can really understand whether or not this is the right Hostinger pricing plan for you.

Managed WordPress

For most beginners, WordPress is the way to go when building a website. It’s reliable, easy-to-use, and free to integrate! But managed WordPress hosting optimises things even further, making it even easier to build and customise your WordPress website! By providing this service, Hostinger adds some convenient features which help you manage your site, automating some key WordPress features for you.

Managed WordPress helps by taking care of WordPress updates, scanning your site for security breaches, enhancing website performance through caching, configuring the server, and much more. If you don’t know how to optimise your website – or are just a little lazy – Hostinger’s managed WordPress feature will make your life much easier.

WordPress Acceleration

As its name suggests, WordPress Acceleration helps to speed up your website. It essentially makes your website run faster and more smoothly. This feature also increases the overall performance of the website and has a custom server-level cache for site optimisation.

Hostinger uses LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress (LCSWP), which is a popular plugin on WordPress itself. LCSWP is also compatible with other useful plugins on WordPress like WooCommerce, bbPress, and Yoast SEO. You don’t even have to install this cache on your site, because this plan already comes with it!

GIT Access

GIT, or Global Information Tracker, is a widely used version control system. It tracks changes to different versions of your files, so you have a copy of all past modifications, and can revert to previous versions if necessary.

This can be very useful if there are multiple users with access to your website, as you can track any changes that anyone makes. You can also continue from your own version of a post and not the latest version if you’re not happy with another user’s work.

GIT is similar to Google Docs, in the way that many people can collaborate on a piece of work together, and you can save different versions to review and edit later on.

SSL Certificate

This is probably one of the most important features when it comes to keeping your website secure. SSL, or Secure Sockets Layer (now it’s often called Transport Layer Security, or TLS), is an encryption-based internet security protocol. Essentially, it provides secure communication between a web browser (e.g. Google Chrome) and web servers (e.g. your website).

When a browser attempts to connect to your website, it requests that your website identify itself. This is when your website will send a copy of its SSL Certificate to the browser, and the browser will then decide whether or not to accept this digital certificate. If successful, the browser notifies your website, and your website sends a digitally signed acknowledgement to start an encrypted session. Then, data is shared between your website and the browser, allowing users to access your site on browsers like Google Chrome.

In a nutshell, an SSL Certificate protects your website against security breaches, and ensures that your data is never compromised. You’ll also see a little padlock icon in the address bar (as you’ll see on this page’s address bar) that lets you know the site is secure.

Who Should Choose This Plan?

Hostinger’s Basic Web Hosting plan is best for beginners who want an easier time setting up their website. Although it doesn’t have as many advanced features as the other plans, it is much cheaper. You can definitely still construct a high-performance website with this plan!

Check Hostinger Pricing

Hostinger Pricing – Premium Web Hosting

According to Hostinger, this is the most popular plan of the three. With significantly upgraded features from the Basic Web Hosting plan, it’s not too far off the Business Web Hosting plan, and at a lower price.

On top of all of the features the basic plan has, the Premium Web Hosting plan allows for 100 websites with unlimited bandwidth. You can attract around 25,000 website visitors per month with no issues with this plan. It also offers 100 GB of SSD storage, free email accounts, as well as unlimited databases, to store all the data you need for your website.

The Premium Web Hosting plan also comes with a free domain and 100 free subdomains, so you can create a variety of sections on your website like stores and blogs. These then have .store and .blog domain tags. You also get an unlimited number of FTP Accounts and unlimited Cronjobs. This means you can have many people helping to manage your site and have plenty of control over the scheduling of automated scripts.

Google Ads Credit

One key feature that separates this plan from the basic plan is Google Ads Credit. Google Ads is a very useful service to help you promote your website. You can start advertising by signing up for Google Ads, but you’ll need Google Ads Credits to get your first campaign going.

You can buy these credits, earn them by buying other items, or in this case, get them for free! Hostinger gives you around $150 worth of Google Ads Credits, so you can spend these advertising your products, services, or even just your website on Google.

Advertising on Google can drive a significant amount of traffic to your website, gaining you an influx of website visitors to start growing your website! However, this is not a sure-fire way to boost your website’s overall growth. Therefore, we recommend building and improving your website until you start seeing some organic traffic first and then using your credits, rather than just relying on paid advertising from the beginning.

SSH Access

SSH, known as Secure Shell, is a network communication protocol that allows your computer to communicate with another one in a given network. It’s a secure way to access and control another server through an unsecured and remote network. SSH provides secure network services, password authentication, and encrypted data communication between two computers over a network. You can manage such remote servers through SSH Access.

An SSH session has two main stages, with the first being the server and the client (both parties) agreeing and establishing encryption for future communications. The second stage is to authenticate the user (you) and decipher whether or not access should be granted.

So, with SSH Access, you can log into another computer over a network, for example, your desktop at home when you’re using your laptop outside, and execute commands or edit files on the remote device or transfer files between the two.

Who Should Choose This Plan?

The Premium Web Hosting plan gives you more extensive access to key features and offers many upgrades from the Basic Web Hosting plan. This plan suits those who are looking to boost their traffic and require a lot of room for customisation. However, it’s also just a good idea for those looking to build more than one website. As the price is very similar to the basic plan, with all of these extra benefits and the ability to have up to 100 websites, it’s a cost-effective hosting plan if you have multiple websites!


Hostinger Pricing – Business Web Hosting

Finally, we come to the top tier hosting plan. This plan is perfect for small businesses, especially those that already see a decent amount of traffic to their website. As this plan comes with few real limitations, you’ll be able to further expand your site without any hassle.

On top of all the Premium Web Hosting features, this Business Web Hosting plan also gives you 200 GB of SSD storage and allows for around 100,000 monthly visitors to your website. This allows you to store more data, as well as attract more people to appreciate your content!

This plan also provides a daily backup, which is an upgrade from the weekly backup of the two previous plans. This protects your website’s data in case you run into any major problems. So even if your website crashes, you will still have the data from the day before stored in your account. This limits your website’s downtime, allowing you to restore the backup quickly. There are various backup plugins you can install on your WordPress site instead, and we recommend UpdraftPlus for this.

Check UpdraftPlus Pricing

Free CDN

A CDN (Content Delivery Network) is a widely distributed system of servers which helps to minimise webpage loading delays.

They reduce latency – the delay before data is transferred while it waits for instructions – by reducing the geographical distance between the server and the user. This reduces the time that the instruction has to travel, allowing your webpage to load faster.

For example, if you try to access a UK-based server from Asia, you’ll normally face slow loading times as the request will have to travel halfway around the world. However, with a CDN, you’ll have a cached version of your website in multiple locations in the world, and these servers are responsible for sending information to the viewer.

CDNs help you deliver web content to your viewers much faster, and not turn potential viewers away due to slow loading times!

Who Should Choose This Plan?

If you’re looking to provide the best quality possible to your viewers, then you should pick the Business Web Hosting plan. This plan suits those who are ready to expand their viewer base and require responsive, high performance websites. This is recommended for businesses, prioritising their clients’ user experience when they use their website. But it’s also just a good choice for those that are seeing a decent amount of traffic to their website and want some extra breathing space.

Check Hostinger Pricing

Which Hostinger Pricing Plan Is Right for You?

Which Hostinger pricing plan you decide to go for will really depend on your specific situation. If you have a small website, or are looking to create a small website, then the Basic plan is the one to go for. But if you want to create a few websites, and still have some room to grow, then the Premium or Business plans are both great choices.

For larger websites that need more dedicated resources, you’ll want to check out Hostinger’s cloud and VPS hosting options instead. But for a beginner that just wants to create their first website, shared hosting is more than enough! 

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