How To Make A Good Gig On Fiverr

Fiverr is a great platform for monetising your skills. It’s one of the most popular freelancer marketplaces and it’s easy to see why. It’s user-friendly, intuitive, and completely free to use for both buyers and sellers. But knowing how to make a good gig on Fiverr is the only way you’ll see success on the platform!

The steps to make a good gig on Fiverr are:

  1. Write a captivating title
  2. Choose the right category and tags
  3. Price your gig correctly
  4. Create a compelling description
  5. Use buyer requirements wisely
  6. Add visual media

The key to succeeding on Fiverr as a seller is making good gigs. In this article, we’ll go through our step-by-step guide to make a good gig on Fiverr.

How to Make a Good Gig on Fiverr

1. Write a Captivating Title

When a client searches for a service on Fiverr, hundreds or even thousands of freelancers will appear in the results. So, one of the main things that will make your gig stand out is having a captivating title.

You only have 80 characters (including spaces) to create a good title. Note that Fiverr automatically adds ‘I will’ to the start of your title. This isn’t included in the character count. So, while 60 characters is the recommended title length, you can take it all the way to 80 without worrying about adding your own ‘I will’ at the start.

Make sure you highlight your unique selling point – what is it that makes your gig better than the others? Here are our top tips for writing effective Fiverr gig titles!

Tips for Writing Captivating Fiverr Gig Titles

  • Use powerful adjectives — A well-placed adjective describing your service makes an emotional appeal to potential clients and helps you stand out from the crowd. Try to use ‘powerful’ words where you can. Replace ‘good’ with ‘high-quality’ for example.
  • Promote an additional skill or service — This differentiates you from others offering the same service as you. For example, if you’re a freelance writer with SEO or editing experience, add this to the title!
  • Delivery time — If you deliver work quickly, for example in 24 hours, make sure you include this in the title, not just the description. That small but important detail might be the deciding factor for a potential client. Compare ‘I will write your high-quality SEO blog post within 24 hours’ with ‘I will write your blog post for you’.

2. Choose the Right Category and Tags

When creating a gig, you need to pick a category, some tags, and gig metadata. It’s worth approaching this step from the buyer’s standpoint. So, do some research as a buyer and see what other successful freelancers in your niche are using as categories and tags for their gigs. In most cases, common sense will tell you which categories and tags are suitable for your gig.

Finally, select your gig metadata. Gig metadata covers things like the style of graphic design you offer, the platforms for which you offer social media marketing services, or the language and tone you use in your writing services. Remember that these are filtering options buyers will use to find the right seller, so choose them wisely to ensure you’re targeting the right market.

3. Price Your Gig Correctly

Setting the right price for a gig can be the hardest step for beginner freelancers. But Fiverr helps with this by allowing you to offer three different packages under one gig. This means you can separate different packages and place them at different price points. Using these three packages can boost your earnings by more than 60%, so be sure to make the most of them!

3 Different Packages

Generally, more expensive packages build on the cheaper ones by offering additional services or perks. For example, you may offer three blog post writing packages, for 500, 1000, and 1500 words. You might offer a discounted rate for the 1500 word package to encourage customers to buy in bulk.

The specific prices you charge will obviously depend on the services you’re offering, your industry, your experience, and what you expect to earn. In the beginning, you’ll generally have to charge a little lower than you’d like. Once you build up some reviews and credibility, you can increase your rates!

Charging for Extra Services

You can charge more for extras too, like additional revisions or faster delivery. You might even create your own extras based on your clients’ specific needs. However, these are usually less important than the actual prices of your gig packages. Most buyers will tend to get in touch with you first before placing an order too.

This is usually when they’ll outline the specifics of the projects, and you can offer to create a custom order based on these requests. Just make sure to tick the “Accepting Custom Orders” box in your “Gigs” page.

4. Create a Compelling Description

Once you’ve caught a potential buyer’s attention with your captivating gig title and competitive price structure, you now need to write a great description to seal the deal.

A good first step is checking what your competition is doing. If it’s working for them, then it might also work for you! See what kind of language they’re using and be sure to scroll down to see what keywords they use in their gig description. Don’t copy (obviously) but instead just use this for some inspiration.

Tips for Writing Compelling Fiverr Gig Descriptions

  • Highlight the benefits — Your clients need to know immediately how your service can help them and their business.
  • Explain why you’re the best person for the job — Let clients know that you’re reliable, resourceful, a good communicator, and any other qualities that might encourage them to work with you.
  • Be clear about what you’re offering — Potential buyers need to understand exactly what your gig includes to reassure them that it’s the right option for them.
  • Include some links — If you have a portfolio or social proof of your work, be sure to include it in the description. This reassures potential buyers of your ability to do the job.

5. Use Buyer Requirements Wisely

Buyer requirements are a series of questions you ask a buyer to get the information you need to complete the gig for them. This helps you do your job better and allows the client to be specific about what they’re looking for.

These requirements vary depending on your gig and your specific service. For example, as a freelance writer, you can ask your clients if they require sources or images, what type of currency you should use, and whether they want you to use American or British English. The more information you can gather from buyer requirements, the better your final product will be. It also minimises the amount of back and forth between you and the client as you need to ask fewer questions, streamlining the process.

Mandatory Requirements Can Save the Day

You also want to include mandatory requirements for things you will actually need before you get started. This could be an article outline, files and media to work with to create a video or animation, or some notes to work with to better understand what they want from you. If you don’t do this and they place an order without giving you everything you need, the order clock starts ticking anyway!

This can be disastrous if you then can’t get a hold of the customer and you’re on a tight deadline, but can’t get started without key files or information. Setting a mandatory gig requirement ensures the order timer won’t start until you have everything you need.

6. Add Visual Media

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and that also applies to your Fiverr gig! Always add images of your previous work to entice potential new clients. If you don’t have any, or if it’s not applicable, you should still try to add some sort of captivating image to act as your gig’s cover photo. This is what appears in the search results, so it’s important to use something relevant to your services.

Fiverr also allows you to create a 75-second video to promote your gig. That’s enough time to speak directly to potential clients, convey what you’re offering, and show off your personality. Communicating a friendly, professional, and confident tone goes a long way towards building client trust. In fact, gigs with videos attract up to 3 times as many orders.

Using Videos

However, not all buyers will watch the video, and not all gigs require one. If you’re offering video editing services or voiceover work, it’s clearly a good idea to give your potential customers a preview of your services. But if you’re writing blog content or providing graphic design services, a few images paired with a solid gig description will probably be enough.

Making a Good Fiverr Gig Is Worth the Effort

Well-researched and thought-out gigs are the key to growing your freelance business on Fiverr! By working through the steps described above, you can make great gigs that attract new clients.

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