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Iubenda Pricing Guide – Which One to Choose?

Iubenda is an all-in-one package that helps you stay compliant with multiple data protection laws worldwide. Iubenda ensures your website/app stays compliant with the law. In this article, we’ll go through the various Iubenda pricing plans. Let’s get into it!

There are 3 Iubenda pricing plans to choose from:

  1. Personal 
  2. Business
  3. Custom

Note that all prices are correct at the time of writing and are subject to change. We will endeavour to update this post as things change, but always double check on to find the latest prices. Prices quoted in GBP have been rounded up and are accurate at the time of writing using the current exchange rate, so these will change over time.


What Is Iubenda?

Iubenda is a service company that generates legal documents for your websites and apps, ensuring they are compliant with various legislation worldwide. The key selling point of the service is that they automatically update your terms and conditions, privacy policies and cookie policies as laws and regulations change.

This makes Iubenda the ultimate automated compliance plugin for your WordPress website!

If you ever consume any kind of digital content or use any mobile apps, you’ll have come across terms and conditions, privacy policies and cookie notices. These are all in place to keep companies and websites on the right side of the law when it comes to using your personal data.

Iubenda can easily generate all of these features for your website! However, if you are setting up a website, why do you need this? Why do websites ask you to accept their cookies anyway?

Well, most websites collect some form of data when a user visits their website. The default setting for your website probably collects data from your visitors too. When a user accepts your cookie policy, they give their consent to various forms of data collection and usage, depending on your terms.

Iubenda Solutions

Instead of painstakingly writing 100-page terms & conditions yourself, Iubenda generates a collection of solutions for you! This includes a privacy policy, cookie pop-up, terms & conditions, consent details (GDPR, opt-ins, CCPA opt-outs, etc), as well as internal privacy management.

Is Iubenda Free?

Iubenda does offer a free license, but it has limited features. If you want to get the most out of Iubenda, you’re going to want to opt for one of the premium plans. 

Next, we’ll discuss the different Iubenda pricing plans and all of their features.

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Iubenda Pricing – Personal Plan

The Personal plan is part of the “bundles” selection provided by Iubenda. It’s a value-for-money solution suited for individuals. For the price of $29/year (around £21/year), Iubenda offers 1 Pro license along with a cookie solution for your website or app.

The Pro license allows you to generate a privacy and cookie policy, and the cookie solution accommodates 25,000 views/month on your website or app. Essentially, the Personal plan provides the basics of compliance with international laws. You can set up your cookie pop-up and include a privacy policy page with this plan.

However, only individuals and small businesses should use this plan, as the cookie solution is only effective for 25k visitors per month. After 25k views, the cookie solution will no longer function for the rest of the month. This leaves you unprotected in terms of data consent for any visitors above this 25k limit.

Personal Plan Add-ons

Every bundle plan comes with various optional add-ons. These help tailor the plan to your specific website’s needs. The available add-ons include advanced GDPR compliance and terms & conditions, as well as options for medium and high traffic websites. Let’s take a closer look at each one.

1. Advanced GDPR Compliance – $458/year (£325/year)

The advanced GDPR compliance add-on provides an all-round consent solution for your website. So, you can save what your readers do on your website (searches, filters, etc) and store this information. Although this seems like online stalking, the consent solution makes you GDPR compliant, and individuals are subject to it until they choose to withdraw their consent (by unsubscribing from your newsletter for example).

This add-on also comes with internal privacy management, which is all about recording how you store your user’s data. This is ideal for companies that store a lot of their users’ data.

2. Terms & Conditions – $129/year (£92/year)

Terms & conditions pages are seen on many websites, especially service-based and ecommerce websites. T&Cs are basically a contract between the user and the provider of the service. The service provider lays out all their requirements on this page, and if the user agrees to the T&Cs, both parties can continue with the interaction or transaction, adhering to these terms.

3. Medium/High Traffic Websites – Medium: $458/year (£325/year), High: $1008/year (£715/year)

The medium and high traffic website plans just make your cookie pop-up effective for more viewers. The medium traffic website plan allows for up to 500k page views/month, while the high traffic website plan allows up to 2 million page views/month. With these add-ons, bigger businesses can use the Personal plan, without worrying about traffic limits for their cookie consent solution.

Do take note that you cannot stack the cookie solution page views by purchasing both add-ons. You can only choose the medium or the high traffic website plan. You can’t get them both!

So, if you’re starting a website, and want to have a basic form of compliance with major regulations worldwide, you should consider going for this plan.


Iubenda Pricing – Business Plan

The Business plan is the second and final plan in the “bundles” package, with some differences from the Personal plan. Instead of paying on a yearly basis, the Business plan comes in at $9/month (£7/month).

The Business plan comes with 5 license slots, as well as the 25k views/month cookie solution. In the Personal plan, there was just 1 Pro license. This means that you can only integrate your Privacy Policy with one website in one language if you choose the personal plan.

However, with the business plan, you can optimise your policies for 5 different websites. Alternatively, if you only have one website, you can craft your policy in 5 different languages. Take note that Iubenda only has automatic conversions of their policies into 7 languages other than English. These are Spanish, Italian, Russian, German, French, Portuguese and Dutch.

Another feature of this business plan is license slot and cookie solution customisation. This means that you can increase the number of license slots and views per month for the cookie solution.

The customisation comes in increments, so you can modify the license slots from 5 to 1000, and the cookie solution views/month from 25,000 to 10 million views/month. The 1000 license slots cost $1349/month (£975/month), and the 10 million views/month add-on comes in at $178/month (£127/month).

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Business Plan Add-ons

1. Medium Traffic Website – $48/month (£35/month)

This add-on is the same as the one mentioned earlier in the Personal plan. However, this add-on costs $576/year (£409/year), making it more expensive than the same add-on in the Personal plan.

2. Advanced GDPR Compliance – $48/month (£35/month)

Again, this add-on is akin to the one mentioned in the Personal plan. It also costs $576/year (£409/year), making the add-on more expensive on this Business plan.

3. Small Agency/Large Network

The Small Agency and Large Network add-ons increase the number of licenses and cookie solution page views/month you get. For $99/month (£71/year), the Small Agency plan provides 50 license slots, but the number of page views/month remains at 25k.

The Large Network plan provides 200 license slots and up to 2 million cookie solution page views/month, all for $428/month (£304/year).

In a nutshell, the Business plan is best for companies or people who just want a more customisable and premium option for their policy generator.


Iubenda Pricing – Custom Plans

Finally, we come to Iubenda’s custom pricing plans. Some of these plans have already been discussed earlier, while others are just variations of add-ons to the bundle plans.

The custom plans are the Basic, Pro, and Ultra plans. The Basic plan is the only plan we haven’t touched on, as it’s free. The Pro plan is just the Personal bundle plan (another name for the same plan), and the Ultra plan is the Personal bundle plan with the “Terms & Conditions” add-on. In case you’ve forgotten, the Pro plan costs $29/year (£21/year), while the Ultra plan costs $129/year (£92/year).

The only difference between these custom plans and the Personal plan is further customisation of the cookie solution. You can purchase from the normal 25k views/month, up to 10 million views/month, which costs an extra $169/month (£120/month).

Iubenda also duplicates another custom Ultra plan, meant for multiple website integrations. This is similar to the Business bundle plan, with the option to customise the number of licenses and cookie solution views. A good thing to note is that you can pay for this plan annually and get 1 month free! However, if you want 10% off your first purchase, click the link at the end of this article!

Also, if you need more than 1000 license slots and/or more than 10 million cookie solution page views/month, you can always contact Iubenda directly to receive a quote. There’s an extra add-on for consent solutions and internal privacy management for $39/month (£28/month), so you can add that in if you need the full package!

Iubenda Basic Plan

At first glance, you might think that all of Iubenda’s plans have a price tag attached. The good news is the Iubenda Basic plan is free! However, some limitations may make you reconsider if the Basic plan really is for you.

No Cookie Policy

In the Basic plan, you will only have a privacy policy page, and you won’t be able to generate a cookie policy. While you still have the cookie solution (which includes the pop-up), viewers will not be able to see an outline of the cookie terms, so you’ll have to do this manually.

Only 4 Basic Clauses

Sometimes, a privacy policy page can cover more than 20 services and clauses, but the Basic plan only allows for 4 clauses. Furthermore, you can only use the basic clauses. Those with a Pro logo next to them are not available with this plan.

No Mobile App Integration

If you’re looking to use Iubenda for a mobile app, you need to have a paid plan. The Basic plan only offers website configurations, and only allows for one privacy policy per account.

Basic Plan Upsides

Although filled with limitations, a plus for the Basic plan is its cookie solution. It includes the same features under its cookie solution segment as the Pro plan! This includes features like the custom cookie banner, translation into multiple languages, integration to the WordPress plugin, and much more.

For a beginner experimenting with launching a website, trying out the Iubenda Basic plan is a great (and free) option!


Iubenda Pricing Summary

Personal – Suits those building a website that want to stay compliant with global data protection laws. However, this is more for websites with relatively low traffic.

Business – Ideal for larger companies. It accommodates more viewers, and implements more variations of policies to address your diverse viewership base.

Pro and Ultra – Add-ons to the Personal plan, with the ability to further customise how many views per month your cookie solution supports.

Basic – A good choice for anyone looking to find out how Iubenda works. You can then give their premium plans a shot if you enjoy their service.

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