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If you are already a member of the Sophical Content community, that’s great! Just log in below to access your account. If you are not yet a member, you might be wondering what the benefits are of joining. There are several, with the main one being that it connects you to Sophical Content on a new level, yielding exclusive access to posts before they are published on the site, and you will of course be notified of any changes that are made and when the posts are published for the rest of the world to see. This puts you in a unique position, as you get to let me know your thoughts on any post before it goes live, meaning you can have an influence on what appears on the site! 

You will also receive a monthly newsletter, which is packed with all things Sophical, some great tips for your own content and also a rundown of some news and other topics that are of interest to me that month. I’ll also send you the occasional PDF, which will usually usually be some sort of guide to do with all things content creation. These guides are not available for download on the site, so you will only get them if you sign up!

You will also benefit from a 5% discount on my content creation and editing services for orders over 2000 words, and who doesn’t like a discount! Finally, you will also benefit from being on my own personal email list, meaning you can get in touch with me directly if you need assistance with anything, or have any projects in mind for which you require my services.

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