How to Make a Fiverr Account (In 2023)

Before you can start making money on Fiverr, you need to set up an account. This is super easy, and the guide below goes through every step. Most of the steps just involve clicking some buttons, but there are a few bits of information along the way that’ll help you get familiar with the platform. So, let’s get into how to set up a Fiverr account!

The 12 steps to make a Fiverr account are:

  1. Go to
  2. Click the Join button
  3. Choose your preferred way to join
  4. Click become a seller
  5. Click become a seller again
  6. Click continue
  7. Click continue again
  8. Click continue one more time
  9. Add some personal information
  10. Add your professional information
  11. Link any relevant accounts
  12. Fill in your account security information

Below, we go through these steps in more detail, so that you can set up your Fiverr account instantly with ease. But first, should you use Fiverr as a beginner?

Is Fiverr Good for Beginners?

Fiverr is good for beginners. It’s free to sign up, and it’s really easy to make a Fiverr account too. Fiverr is good for beginners because it is a good way to gain some exposure and start putting together a portfolio of your work.

Whether or not Fiverr is good for you will depend on the services you plan to offer. However, I believe it’s a good testing ground for any freelancer. It’s a great place to learn to market yourself, and earn some money in the process!

How to Make a Fiverr Account

1. Go to

Head here.

2. Click the Join Button

It’s at the top right hand corner, but you might see the box below as a popup when you first arrive on the site anyway.

3. Choose Your Preferred Way to Join

You’ll then be presented with a box like the one below. I recommend joining with Google if you already have a Google account, but this isn’t necessary. Just do whatever suits you best!

How to join Fiverr
You might get this popup when you first arrive on the site

4. Click Become a Seller

You’ll find this by clicking the icon next to the Messages button at the top right. It should have your first initial in it, taken from your email address, like mine below as a “C”.

Become a seller on Fiverr
Click ‘Become a Seller’

5. Click Become a Seller Again

You should see a screen similar to the one below, and you can click on any of the boxes if you fit into one of the categories it suggests. However, you can just click the Become a Seller box at the bottom right to move to the next step as well.

Become a seller
What’s your skill?

6. Click Continue

You’ll see a video explaining the basics of the platform, which you don’t need to watch in order to move on. When you’re ready, click Continue.

7. Click Continue Again

You’ll then see some more information about what’s expected of you on the platform, along with some guidance for getting started. You can click Continue again when you’re ready.

8. Click Continue One More Time

Next, you’re given some information about what not to do on the platform. This information is important, but not extensive. So, just give it a quick read over and then hit Continue once more.

9. Add Some Personal Information

You want to fill out a description of what you can offer here, but you don’t need to be too specific. This will show up when people click on your profile, so you want to paint a good picture of yourself! And speaking of pictures of yourself, you need to add one of those too.

Strictly speaking you can add whatever you like, such as a logo or something similar, but a picture of yourself will make buyers feel like any exchange with you is a bit more personal. People like to know who they’re doing business with. So, I recommend adding a profile picture, rather than an arbitrary picture or logo, unless you’re planning to work primarily under a brand or business name.

How to set up a Fiverr account
Nearly there!

10. Add Your Professional Information

This involves things like your job and education history, along with any relevant skills you have as well. Spend some time here adding as much as you can so that you really sell yourself on the platform. The more you tell people about yourself the better. Just make sure you tell the truth!

Create a Fiverr account
Always tell the truth!

11. Link Any Relevant Accounts

I didn’t connect anything other than my Google account and I still got plenty of business, so this is entirely optional. It’s really only useful if you already have a large network of potential customers.

Linking your Fiverr account
An optional step

12. Fill in Your Account Security Information

You’ll already have an email address here, but you’ll also need to add a phone number. This is for security reasons, as is the case with most websites that require it, and it’s to help prevent fraudulent accounts and bots from appearing on the platform. They never contact you by phone at any time (at least in my experience) so don’t worry about spam.

Fiverr account security information
Last step!

That’s How to Set Up a Fiverr Account

That’s it! You now know how to set up a Fiverr account and you’re ready to start making some money! You can also check out our articles comparing Fiverr to Upwork and