How To Start Writing On Medium (7 Beginner Tips)

Writing on is a great way to hone your writing skills, learn from others’ successes, and also make some money in the process. But how do you start writing on Medium?

You start writing on Medium by first creating an account and then deciding what kinds of things you want to write about. You don’t need to stick to one niche, and you can write about pretty much anything on the platform.

7 beginner tips for writing on Medium are:

1. Know your audience

2. Choose a compelling topic

3. Write a strong headline

4. Keep it simple

5. Tell a story

6. Use visuals

7. Proofread your content

Below, I’ll dive deeper into each of these tips, while also answering some of the most common questions beginners might have about using the platform.

7 Beginner Tips For Writing On Medium

1. Know Your Audience

Before you start writing, consider what kinds of topics you want to write about and also research any Medium publications you want to submit to. Get an understanding of their target audience and what type of content they typically publish.

This will help you tailor your writing to better fit their readership and increase the likelihood of your piece being accepted. But even if you don’t plan to submit to publications, it helps to consider what your ideal audience would look like.

2. Choose A Compelling Topic

The topic(s) you choose to write about should be interesting and relevant to the audience you plan to write for, or your chosen publication’s target audience. Try to pick a unique angle or perspective on a well-covered topic, or delve into a less well-known issue. Whatever you choose, you need to be able to put your own spin on it to make it unique, as there are a lot of writers on the platform!

3. Write A Strong Headline

A headline is the first thing a reader sees, and it can make the difference between someone clicking on your article or moving on to the next one. Aim for a headline that’s short, catchy, and accurately represents the content of your article.

4. Keep It Simple

Avoid using complex words and phrases that might confuse your reader. Instead, write in a conversational tone and use short, simple sentences. This makes your writing more accessible and easier to read.

5. Tell A Story

People are naturally drawn to stories, so try to incorporate them into your writing. This could be a personal anecdote, a case study, or a narrative that ties your article together. These help to make it interesting, and give the reader some insight into you as a writer, which can help them when deciding whether to follow you or clap for your stories.

6. Use Visuals

Visuals can help break up text-heavy sections of your article and make it more engaging for the reader. Consider including images, videos, or infographics to supplement your writing.

7. Proofread Your Content

Once you’ve finished writing, take some time to revise and edit your work. This could mean fixing grammar or spelling mistakes, or making more substantial revisions to improve the structure and flow of your piece.

This is key no matter what or where you’re writing, but it’s an often-forgotten about part of writing that can instantly improve your story’s overall quality.

Is It Free To Start Writing On Medium?

It is free to start writing on Medium. You don’t need to pay anything to start publishing your stories and building your portfolio on the platform. This is great for beginner writers as it gives them a platform to showcase their work without having to make any financial investment.

However, if you sign up for a Medium subscription, you’ll be able to read countless other stories on the platform. This can help you understand what people like to read, and it can also help give you some content ideas as well. This can be invaluable for beginners, so I recommend considering it if you’re just getting started and want to better gauge what kind of content does well on the platform.

What Can You Write About On Medium?

The possibilities of what you can write about on Medium are endless. From personal essays and fiction to articles on science, technology, politics, and more, the platform welcomes all kinds of content. It’s a great place for writers to experiment with new genres and styles and to find their niche.

Is Medium A Good Place To Start Writing?

Medium is a great place to start writing. The platform provides a supportive environment for writers to hone their skills, receive feedback, and build a following. It’s also free to start writing on Medium, so it’s an accessible platform for everyone.

If you’re a beginner freelancer, writing on Medium can be a great way to build up a portfolio of writing pieces that you can show to potential clients. I used the platform to help me when I was looking for my first freelance writing clients!

Can Anyone Get Paid To Write On Medium?

Anyone can get paid to write on Medium provided you have a Stripe account. Medium offers a partner program that pays writers for the views their stories receive. However, it’s important to note that not all stories get the same number of views, and it takes time and effort to build a following.

Who Should Write On Medium vs Who Shouldn’t

Anyone who wants to improve their writing and build a following should write on Medium. It’s a great platform for writers of all levels, from beginners to experienced writers.

You can write about almost anything on the platform, and this makes it a great choice for those that are looking to start writing online but haven’t picked a niche yet.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a quick way to make money, Medium may not be the best platform for you. It takes time and effort to build a following and get paid for your writing on Medium.

How Much Do You Get Paid To Write On Medium?

The amount you get paid to write on Medium varies depending on several factors, with the number of views you get being one of the most important. It’s not uncommon for writers to earn anywhere from a few cents to hundreds of dollars for a single story.

However, it’s important to remember that it takes time and effort to build a following and earn money on the platform. Some stories may earn hundreds of dollars, but plenty of my stories have only earned me a few cents!

Final Thoughts

Medium is a great place for beginner writers to start their journey. It’s free to start writing on the platform, and you can write about anything that interests you. Medium also provides a supportive environment for writers to hone their skills and build a following, with the potential to earn money through the partner program.

It’s important to remember that it takes time and effort to get paid for your writing on Medium, but with consistency and hard work, anyone can achieve success on the platform!

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