UpdraftPlus Review 2023 — Best Backup Plugin?

UpdraftPlus is a backup plugin for WordPress websites. It’s used by millions of websites across the world, providing services like website cloning, automatic backups, and much more. But is UpdraftPlus worth it? Find out below in our comprehensive UpdraftPlus review!

What Is UpdraftPlus?

UpdraftPlus is a plugin for WordPress websites, used to backup files and data and restore it if necessary. There are lots of different backup plugins out there for WordPress, and UpdraftPlus is by far one of the most popular options.

Backup plugins give you an easy way to ensure that, if something ever goes wrong with your website, you’re able to safely restore it and not lose any data or progress. We definitely recommend using some sort of backup plugin, so you never have to worry about hard work going to waste. But is UpdraftPlus the best backup plugin for WordPress?

UpdraftPlus Review – Main Features

The main reason you’ll be reading this is to find out if UpdraftPlus is worth using on your WordPress website. The main reason you’ll be looking to use it on your website is for its backup features, so let’s start there.

UpdraftPlus is a plugin you can install directly onto your WordPress website. You can then access your own dashboard and control panel via the UpdraftPlus website. Setting up a backup is easy, and you have a bunch of options. You can back up your site on WordPress, or through UpdraftPlus’ control panel.

Manual or Scheduled Backups

You can choose to do it manually, every few hours, or every month. This makes it very customisable, and ideal if you’re constantly adding new stuff to your website. Plus, you can also choose how long backed up files are kept for. This allows you to “set it and forget it,” meaning you never need to worry about whether or not your site is backed up. Not only does this give you peace of mind, but it can also save you a lot of time as well.

Thankfully I’ve rarely had to actually use UpdraftPlus’ backup tool to save my site. However, I have had to use it on at least two occasions, and those two occasions made it worth every penny! The process is pretty seamless, and you just restore your website using your chosen backup on UpdraftPlus.com.

Fast and Secure

I won’t go into too much more detail about the actual backup process, but UpdraftPlus boasts that they use super fast servers and data encryption so that all your files are secure. There are some differences when it comes to using the free or premium versions of UpdraftPlus

Backup and Restore

A key feature of the UpdraftPlus backup plugin is that you can also use it to restore backups. Some low-end backup plugins don’t allow you to restore your website through their platform, which can make it a bit harder and more time consuming to get things back up and running.

UpdraftPlus allows you to easily restore a backup in WordPress itself or through their website. This second option is especially useful if you can’t get into your WordPress website for whatever reason. You can even import a backup from another plugin and restore it if that original platform doesn’t offer a restore function, or if you just decide to switch platforms.

Remote Storage

One final thing to note about the backup side of things is where you store your backups. You can store your backups externally using platforms like Dropbox and Microsoft Azure. Alternatively, you can store your backups in the UpdraftPlus Vault. Like other systems, this comes at a price, but it’s really down to personal preference where you decide to store your backups. The UpdraftPlus vault is a decent solution. If you choose to buy UpdraftPlus premium, you’ll benefit from 1GB of free storage!

In summary, the backup process using UpdraftPlus is super easy, making it an ideal option for beginner and intermediate website designers alike. It’s also secure and reliable, giving you the peace of mind that your content is safe.

UpdraftPlus Review – Cloning and Migration

Aside from backing up your website, UpdraftPlus also offers a few other handy services. For example, if you have some ideas you want to implement on your website, you might be worried about things not working out, or your site crashing entirely. You could (and should) back it up beforehand, but UpdraftPlus offers another solution.

By cloning your website, you can make a copy of your site and store it temporarily on UpdraftPlus’ servers. You can then mess around with this cloned site and implement features to see how things go. Then, when you’re done, you can delete that clone, and you’ll know what to do with your real website! All without risking any damage or data loss on your live site.

A Premium Feature

Note that this is a premium feature, so you won’t be able to do this with the free version of UpdraftPlus. To do this, you also need to purchase Clone Tokens, so it’s not something you should do willy-nilly. You can learn more about the cloning system here.

You can also use UpdraftPlus’ migrator tool if you need to migrate your site. This is a little more complicated than backing up or cloning your website, so if you want to know more about doing it, check out this link.

UpdraftPlus Review – More Useful Features

Ideal for Multiple Websites

You can use UpdraftPlus for one website, or for multiple sites. This makes it great for those managing a couple of websites that just want to use one handy backup plugin. You can manage all of your websites from the UpdraftPlus dashboard. It’s easy to select and restore backups for each one, all under one account.

Great Support

UpdraftPlus also has a large support team that are experts in backing up websites. There is a team of people on hand to help you through the support forms and packages. However, there are also lots of useful blog articles on the website that teach you how to use all the different aspects of the plugin.


If you want to know exactly what’s going on with your backups, you can get basic or advanced reporting, depending on whether you use the free or premium version of the plugin.

UpdraftPlus Review – Pricing


When it comes to UpdraftPlus’ pricing, you have two main options. The free version comes with a lot of useful features. However, it lacks things like third-party remote storage support, cloning, database encryption and personal support. However, it does still do the main job of backing up your website. This is ideal for those looking to test out the backup plugin before they buy.


If you choose the premium option, you get all of the features we’ve already discussed, plus a few more that you can see here. You have a few different pricing options to choose from, ranging from £32.40 to £306 per year. Note that the price goes down after your first year. In my opinion, it’s definitely worth the money!

UpdraftPlus Review – Verdict

Overall, UpdraftPlus is a great WordPress backup plugin regardless of whether you choose the free or premium option. It’s easy to use as a beginner, but it’s packed with enough features to keep even the most experienced WordPress developers satisfied.

Easy to Use

The backup process is simple, which is what you want from a backup plugin. You can get specific about what things are and aren’t backed up from your site. However, this customisation is probably going to be over the top for absolute beginners. In this case, you can just choose to back everything up.


When it comes to reliability, there are always going to be the occasional negative reviews from customers that have had bad experiences. However, with millions of users, and regular appearances on lists of the best WordPress backup plugins, UpdraftPlus is clearly a good choice.

A Must-Have Tool

It’s easy to integrate into your website, and from there it’s even easier to set up to protect your site’s data. You never know when you’re going to run into a problem with a plugin, get locked out of your WordPress dashboard, or even get hacked. So, it’s always a good idea to have a reliable backup system in place!

Is UpdraftPlus Worth It?

UpdraftPlus is worth it. Whether you have a personal website or if you run a large-scale e-commerce store, UpdraftPlus gives you peace of mind that your website is backed up securely.

You can sign up for UpdraftPlus here.

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