Why Sophical Content?


You might be wondering what the word “Sophical” means — if it even means anything at all! Well, it depends who you ask. While some dictionaries define it as “teaching wisdom,” others don’t recognise it as a word at all. Merriam Webster has “Sophic” defined as “of, or relating to, or full of wisdom.” Each of these is derived from the Greek “Sophia” which, to put it simply, means wisdom. That’s where we get the word “philosophical” from, literally meaning “the love of wisdom.” 

While that might sound a little pretentious, this is where the roots of my use of the word (or non-word) “Sophical” stem from, as I wanted to create the website as a way to provide wisdom to those that need it. Now, this is not to simply say I will bestow upon you my own wisdom, as I’m not that vain! While I do aim to provide tips, knowledge and advice based on my own experience, most of the information you’ll find on here is based on tried and tested experiments, or has become known to me as a result of reading or interacting with somebody much wiser than I am.

I aim to simply be the messenger of the truly wise advice that I have found useful over the past few years. From the books I’ve read to the movies and videos I’ve watched to the articles and stories I’ve come across from people much smarter than me, my goal is to share it all in a way that I find will be most useful to as many people as possible.

My aim is not to be pretentious and appear like I am the provider of wisdom. My aim with Sophical Content is to instead communicate the wisdom I have learned through my own experience and from that of other people in the most helpful and effective way that I can. Plus, I have a strong team of writers bringing their unique wisdom to the table, creating their own valuable content for the site.


And that’s where the second part of the name comes in. The word “content” is everywhere in modern vocabulary. Content creators and content consumers; these are two categories into which we all fall in one way or another. My aim with Sophical Content is to create content that helps other people in any way that I can.

From how-to guides on setting up your own business or website to reviews of the tools and services I find most useful, the word “content” is applied in many different ways here on the website. People like to consume different types of content for different purposes, and so that’s why I am taking a varied, generalised approach to content creation, with no focus on one particular branch of the tree.

With Sophical Content, I hope to make you wiser through high-quality, compelling content. So take a look around, and see what you can learn!

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